Information About Amazon Travel Tips

When planning your trip remember that the Amazon is almost always hot and humid and that there is a rainy season which starts in January through to April, with October being the driest month.

The clothing you take should be comfortable.

We recommend you take the following:
  • Long sleeves shirts/t-shirts and pants
  • Rain jacket and waterproof boots or tennis shoes
  • Shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts for canoe trips
These items we advise to make your trip more enjoyable:
  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Binoculars and camera with lots of film
  • Ziploc or dry-sacs to protect your camera equipment
The Amazon is a yellow fever and malaria region.
  • Yellow Fever inoculation is advisable. Make sure you plan this in advance because the vaccine only becomes effective after 10 days. Consult with your local doctor whether or not you should take malaria pills. If so, you will need to start taking these before you travel to Brazil.
Other Tips:
  • Drink plenty of water (tap water is unsafe to drink). Check with your hotel or lodge whether or not you can use the tap water to brush your teeth. If not, they will provide bottled water.
  • Due to the presence of piranhas, caiman (crocodiles) and venomous snakes in the water, swimming in the lakes or rivers is not recommended, unless otherwise instructed by the hotel or lodge staff.
  • Do not touch branches or tree trunks (venomous animals such as scorpions, fire ants and spiders live there and are extremely hard to see).
  • You should be silent and not use brightly colored clothes, otherwise you may risk seeing less wildlife.
  • It is important to respect local traditions. When in contact with local inhabitants, or visiting local villages, remember that you are the outsider. – Electricity in the Amazon is 127 volts AC. Most hotels do provide 110-volt & 220-volt outlets or adaptors. Check with your hotel which voltage is used in your room to avoid damaging your electronic equipment.
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