Amazon Weather Guide

The Amazon has the false reputation of being very hot. However, temperatures in some parts of the northeast and in the South of Brazil are a lot higher than in the Amazon. It is generally hot and humid throughout the year and average temperatures range from 23° to 33°C. It is the wettest area in Brazil.

Nights are relatively cool on the water. There can be cold snaps in December in the western reaches of the Amazon basin. The rainfall is heavy, but varies throughout the region; close to the Andes up to 4,000 mm annually, under 2,000 at Manaus. Rains occur throughout the year but the wettest season is between January and April (rainy season).

No month has less than 60 mm of rain. Rain usually falls in relatively short but very heavy tropical showers, often accompanied by spectacular thunderstorms. The dry season is May to December, with October being the driest month. It can get very hot in this period. To avoid the heat of the midday sun, tours are planned in the morning and late afternoon. October through to January is the low water period and the best time for fishing. To check out how the weather is today in the Amazon.
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