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The state of Amazon has much to see and you can learn and see more with a Private Guide. All of our Sightseeing Tours are in private cars with talented guides that speak you language.

Dense forests filled with exotic plants and unusual creatures have always been alluring to adventure-seekers. Even more when it comes to the Amazon Rain Forest, home of the greatest biodiversity in the world, and the exceptional City of Manaus, the modern Capital of the Brazilian Amazonas State, located in the heart of the Jungle.

Nature-lovers will be enchanted to experience the teeming Amazon Jungle safely, accompanied by a fully qualified naturalist guide, who will describe and interpret the lush and exotic forest surrounding, as well as its amazing biodiversity. Our Amazon Traveling Specialists already have experienced most of the tours and are constantly updating their knowledge of this market, in order to provide the most precise advice.

Sightseeing in the Amazon Jungle is a memorable experience including a vast menu of Amazon Tours. Hiking, trekking or canoeing, plunge into this quiet, peaceful, and full of nature environment, the best gateway of everyday life. Manaus is enjoyed by many as a convenient, fun and attractive destination before launching off into the great unknown.

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