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The Uakari Lodge is a component of the Mamiraua Institute, whose mission is to conserve the biodiversity of the Mamiraua

Travel on board the comfortable Amazon Clipper Cruises Premium fleet and enjoy the Amazon Rain Forest in the most particular

Located on the banks of the Tarumã River, around one hour from the Manaus airport, The Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge

The Hotel Tropical Manaus has closed and there is no forecast for reopening.  The gorgeous Tropical Manaus Eco-resort is located

Juma Amazon Lodge is a Discover Brazil 3 Star Preferred Amazon Jungle Lodge. Is located in the Amazon Rainforest. It

The Iberostar Grand Amazon Cruise or Grand Hotel Ship Amazon is an entirely ‘all inclusive’ Super Luxury floating hotel only

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge is an intimate and welcoming structure, tastefully and simply decorated with jungle and nature themes. A