Sightseeing Tours

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Tours – Anavilhanas Archipelago

The many channels (paranás), lakes, and islands of the world’s greatest freshwater archipelago are explored in regional boats. Duration: Half day (2-3 hours)

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Tours – Jungle Hike

Trekking through the unstirred forest, toured by local guides who will reveal some of the mysteries of the Amazon Jungle. Knowledge about trees, herbs and fruits, jungle survival orientation and natural medicine notions are transferred to the tourist. Duration: Half day (2-3 hours)

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Tours – Night Spotting

The unique sensation of living the Amazon Forest during the night in motorized canoes is experienced in search of night birds, sloths, snakes, caimans and sounds. Duration: Half day (1-1.5 hours)

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Tours – Pink Dolphin

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Tours Pink Dolphin Feeding Spot and Craft Shops in Novo Airão We take the guests to a floating deck where wild river dolphins come everyday. Then, the tourist will go to 2 craft shops, where local workers offer original natural products. Duration: Half day (2-3 hours)

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Tours – Piranha Fishing

Fun fishing experience, where the tourist will have the opportunity of fishing and taking piranhas and other small fishes, while enjoys the beauty of rivers and streams. Duration: Half day (1-2.5 hours)

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Tours – Sunrise Contemplation

Departing very early in the morning in canoes, the tourist will watch the colorful sky changing with the sun rays, see the birds flying to their places and hear the noise of the waken forest. Duration: Half day (1-2 hours)

Bow and Arrow Practice

A fun and safe practice on appropriate targets using original Waimiri-Atroari Indian weapons. Duration: Half day (1-1.5 hours)

Ecoparck Jungle Lodge – Nature Hike

Biodiversity is the main characteristics of ECOPARK. It includes uncatalogued species in virgin rainforest, natural savannahs and creeks. Several streams of crystal clear warm water run through the rainforest. During tour the guide will lead clients, educating them about the local flora/fauna, how and where to find edible fruits and potable water, first aid , how to find their way in the forest and much more. Duration: Half day 1-3 hours (depending on health conditions of participants)

Manaus City Tours

Manaus City Tour In this tour you will visit one of the most important points of the city, the Amazonas Theater, the most important monument of Manaus, which still presents famous concerts, like Carmen of Bizet among others. The City Market (Copy of the famous French Market Les Halles of Paris) with a big variety of local handicraft and the Floating Port, built by the English, built during the rubber era, like the other monuments. Duration: Full day (3-6 hours)

Manaus Tours – Meeting of the water

The boat goes down the Negro River navigating along the shore of the City of Manaus, allowing passengers to view the Amazonas Theater, the Port of Manaus, the Customs and the interesting aspects of the local life – the stilt houses for instance. Arrival at The Meeting of the Waters by 11h30 am. It’s a spectacular merge of Negro and Solimões Rivers. From this point on both rivers form the famous Amazon River that runs all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. The waters of the two rivers run together for about 12kms, side by side, without mixing. The phenomenon happens due to differences in temperature, density and speed of the waters of the rivers. Duration: Half day (2-4 hours)

Monkey Forest

The facilities for rehabilitation and re-introduction of wild animals in their habitat (known as the Monkey forest), was created in 1991 with the intention of receiving animals which have been confiscated from illegal commerce. This is a joint project with the Municipal Secretary of Environment and Sustainability. In this center, the animals are initially put into quarantine to be evaluated and taken care of by a team of veterinaries and biologists. In partnership with the FFV (Live Forest Foundation), a non profit institution overseen by Amazon Ecopark Lodge, a unique feeding system has been developed. Twice a day, (10:30 & 15:30), the animals receive supplements of their natural diet, ensuring that they are being fed the necessary nutrients. The Monkey Forest is open to guests at feeding times, always accompanied by a credentialed professional, permiting guests to film and photograph these animals in a natural and safe environment. It is also possible to “adopt” one of these animals and follow its development Duration: 40 minutes-1 hour